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An Open Apology

Apology For Loss

There are tens of things that need my attention. MWS’s Doppler is on the fritz. Some business owners have closed shop for a summer retreat. MOP writers are on strike, and MAM is being renovated. Before fulfilling my pressing mayoral duties, I must apologize to my Thunder teammates for my performance in the last two games of the NBA Western Conference Finals.

Regular Season

I was a consistent cheerer during regular season games, averaging around 79% for TV viewership, 88% in t-shirt wearing, and 98% on flag flying.

I did have some issues. I struggled to accept Steven Adams’ new look and Russell Westbrook’s longer hair.

The sunset uniforms were also a tad blinding for my taste, which is a surprise because I really do like that color, but I eventually adjusted and established a solid rhythm whether we played at the Peake or away.

Post Season

My cheer performance was operating like a well-oiled machine by the time we hit playoffs. I served up some rattlesnake jam for three games against the Mavericks, three against the Spurs, and all seven against Golden State Warriors. I also wrote haikus and bought my nephew a Thunder hat.

I took issue with our team’s performance at the end of Game 2 against the Spurs. My contributions were minimal for the next two games. Had I put my personal opinion aside and prepared a Thunder-themed meal, we might not have lost Game 3.

I bounced back though because, if you care about your team, you pull yourself up. If you don’t, you’re just dead weight.

My performance against Golden State for the Western Conference Finals was a personal best. I believe the double-dredged fried pork chop with Thunder gravy helped us win Game 1 at the Oracle.

After we lost Game 2, I amped up my efforts for Game 3 and 4 by making Thunder burgers and dogs, unfollowing two people who had posted negative comments, and not calling anyone who lived in California.

During the series I flag flew despite the threat of rain, and since we only have two flagpoles in Mooseville, the Thunder flag replaced Mooseville’s when the American flag also needed to be flown in honor of Memorial Day.

What Happened

Despite my solid cheer throughout the season, I’m not happy with my performance the last two games.

For Game 5, I wore a pair of Thunder shorts I haven’t worn since 2012 when we lost to Miami in the Finals. Unbeknownst to me, wearing these shorts was a flagrant foul. I’ve since burned the cursed garment, but the damage was done.

In Game 6 my cheer changed. Though I didn’t engage in negative comment-making on social media, I had several discussions regarding how well our team performed around the Yellow House.

I didn’t reprimand my mother when she questioned Thunder’s ability to win Game 7 via a text message.

I also thought ill of two Warrior players. It was wrong to wish physical harm to Klay Thompson just because he could hit a three-point shot…11 times. And, Steph Curry’s this year’s MVP. He’s so good he even out-cheered me.

Of all the ways I dropped the ball, the turnover that hurt most was arguing with my teammates. I shouted at them through the TV like they were people I see texting and driving. I cursed and questioned judgment. This display of negativity was a cancer for morale, and it was contagious.

Moving On

I’m going to work hard during the off season so I don’t repeat the same mistakes next year. I will work on my anger management skills to better trust and respect my teammates no matter if I agree with their choices on the court or not. I look forward to helping Thunder win it all in 2017. #WeAreThunder #ThunderUp


The Mayor, OKC Thunder Team Member


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