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Swear to Not Swear Campaign


In an effort to help keep our streets clean and safe for all residents and visitors and to encourage a healthy lifestyle within our community, I’m taking a month-long pledge to cut profanity from my vocabulary.

Good Gone Bad

Swearing isn’t bad. In addition to being a healthy communication tool to express sadness, anger, and fear it can also be medicinal. Ig Nobel Peace Prize winning researchers from Keele University found that swearing helps relieve the effects of physical pain, but over-cursing can diminish the effects.

My Curse

I’ve battled swearing all my life. As a child I was a repeater, and my dad’s side of the family were sailors. Through the teens cursing was a way to rebel. Early in my career, it was a necessity to survive a harsh and often crude industry. Now, it’s a crutch I lean on when I don’t have the energy to think of a better word to express myself.

I’m Not Alone

Profanity isn’t a new thing. People have been using it for a long time. In its oldest forms profanity means “offensive words” used in a way that shows the swearer does not respect God or holy things.

The word profanity originated from classical Latin “profanus,” which means ‘desecrating what is holy,’ though English swear words tend to take a Germanic root.

The Bible mentions swearing, and Shakespeare’s plays were chalked full of it though the words are no longer deemed vulgar.

Though today’s research show men curse more than women, the swearing epidemic is widespread. It’s common and often used in humor and pop culture. Regardless of the positives of swearing or how many people swear on a regular basis, at its root, profanity is offensive.

Breaking the curse won’t be easy. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but I’m confident that, with the help of my colleagues and loved ones, I will be able to find the strength to use less offensive forms of expression in my everyday vocabulary to help make Mooseville a pleasant, more peaceful, healthier place for all.


The Mayor

Take the Pledge

If you feel you have formed a bad cursing habit, take the month of April to join the Swear to Not Swear Campaign.







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