Mayor’s Mansion Safety Concerns


For anyone who has ever attended one of my annual Halloween parties, I apologize for unknowingly putting you in harm’s way.

The use of structural damage as decoration might have been an oversight on my part, but I assure it was not because of budget cuts or the May 31 tornado, though those things have taken its toll on the upkeep of the Yellow House.

The oversight was created by my lack of understanding of home construction.

Now that I am aware of the issue I have sought treatment at a trade school in Blogger Holler where I am learning to deal with my deficient knowledge about topics such as creating a level foundation, framing, roofing, and general plumbing and electric wiring.

My instructor says I am currently passing all but one area in the program.

I am glad I discovered the issue before anyone was hurt, and I’m looking forward to attending the grand opening of Deer Liza’s and CineMoose Theaters once these safety issues have been taken care of.

Thank you all for your continued support.


The Mayor


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